Why do animals collect in masses? This question is at the heart of our new project dealing with ANIMAL MASSES. Every year, millions upon millions of animals gather together all over the world. They collect in order to spend the winter together, to mate, to migrate in a community or to occupy new habitats. Some animals can only exist in masses, in effect forming super-organisms.

Four years of intensive photography and research were necessary in order to bring this project to fruition. Trips lasting weeks and months took us to the various species. The greatest animal spectacles our planet has to offer take place where animals collect into masses. We have produced a report on the subject with a mixture of fascinating pictures and well-researched information. In ANIMAL MASSES, we present the subject of animal gatherings in a complexity that has never been shown before.

• A travelling exhibition is touring museums all over Europe
• The most spectacular photos have been collected in a large-format illustrated book
• Publications in international magazines are drawing attention to the subject
• GEO Germany is going to publish a magnificant wall calendar 2011
• Information on the project is available on a dedicated website
• We present the project in the form of talks at international photo festivals
• The ANIMAL MASSES project is presented on television and wireless programmes
• Part of the fee is donated to a climate protection project